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After the Cell Games, Gohan started to attend High School. All that Gohan really wanted was to fit in and hide is true power to protect his family's peace. After realizing it might be dangerous to fight crime as a Super Saiyan in the city because someone may recognize him, Gohan decides to go to Bulma to get a disguising outfit. From then on, when fighting crime to and from school he would be recognized as The Great Saiyaman. Although Gohan's outfit and name may appear ridicules, people take him more seriously when he shows what kind of strength he is capable of. A girl from Gohan's High School named Videl is determined to unmask The Great Saiyaman and she has a good clue that it is Gohan. Gohan has to pay attention to what he does and not let Videl find out that he is not only the Great Saiyaman, but The Golden Fighter too. Gohan has been blackmailed many times to keep his secret safe, but eventually Videl finds out after she witnesses "The Golden Fighter" get scratched in the same place as Gohan had a mark. Videl agrees to keep his secret as long as Gohan teaches her to fly and so he does. Not only does his secret get out to Videl, but two of his other friends find out in the World Tournament who he really is.